Facebook’s Sleeping Giant – Indonesia

Much has been shared recently about the accelerating growth rates of social media networks in Asia.

Perhaps the highlight in this neck of the woods is Indonesia.

According to several web research firms, Indonesia is now the 2nd largest market for Facebook and third for Twitter.

In the Economist’s piece on 6th Jan 2011 Social media in Indonesia: Eat, pray, tweet they point out that

“Western firms are only just beginning to grasp the eccentricities of the Indonesian social-media market. Thanks to years of price wars between Indonesia’s three major telecommunications companies, mobile contracts in the country are dirt-cheap. For Indonesians living in North America, it is often cheaper to buy an Indonesian SIM card and roam with it than it is to sign up for a local plan.

Phones are cheap, too: the country is flooded with Chinese handsets costing only $30-40. Indonesia is also one of the largest markets for Research In Motion (RIM), the maker of BlackBerrys. Indonesians typically connect with each other via mobile devices, not personal computers.”

Below is a screen grab from socialbakers.com of December 2010’s growth of FB’s main markets.

Indonesia stands out by the number of new joiners but FB still only has 13.96% penetration.


With over 6% growth month on month (2.1Million Indonesian’s joining FB each month), Facebook may even open an office there soon.

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